Safety and Precautions


  • Make sure that the product is attached pyrotechnic label indicating the classification of the Ministry of Interior, the name of the manufacturer or importer and the instructions for use.
  • Make sure the product pirico is intact and in good condition, or any signs of moisture or damage on the packaging.


  • Do not carry or store ever pyrotechnics in your pocket or in backpacks, especially those with power to friction, as they may be triggered by the movement of the car body. Instead, use cardboard boxes or bags.
  • Keep products purchased in safe places, away from animals, open flames and heat sources. It is important to remember that moisture affect the function and safety of all fireworks.
  • Keep out of reach of children under 18 years the products of IV / V category.


  • Turn on the pyrotechnic articles in open places, far away from homes, animals, persons or places at risk of fire, such as factories and forests. Do not use in windy conditions!
  • Always turn on only one product at a time, taking the greatest care to keep other products gunpowder far and away from any sparks.
    • Avoid absolutely to put your face close to the product display. Light the fuse at a safe distance from the body by lengthening the arm as much as possible.
  • In case of failure or partial operation, never to re-ignite the fireworks.
    Avoid, also, to verify the cause of the failure handling it with your hands, or even worse, bringing his face above the unexploded device.
    Instead let cool for 15-30 minutes, then retrieve it and proceed to its final destruction by immersing it in water. Never leave unexploded products!

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